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Roller Coaster Rampage

Roller Coaster Rampage

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Roller Coaster Rampage is a fast paced, high-scoring, competitive rollercoaster simulator with destructive environments! Players compete to perform the best manual maneuvers, collect the most gems, link to the most track sections, and gain first place on the leaderboards!

Roller Coaster Rampage revolutionizes the coaster genre by introducing on-the-fly track construction and deformation. In previous games the coaster riding experience was a passive, non-interactive experience. Roller Coaster Rampage introduces an innovative approach, and a specialized procedural coaster engine that allows players to build coasters in real-time as they ride them.

Players leave behind a trail of procedurally-generated coaster tracks and supports, which then become obstacles as the player circles back.

Genres: Simulator Indie
Game modes: Single player

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