Welcome to GamesBolt
SteamGameSwap became... GamesBolt!

Say goodbye to SteamGameSwap, say hello to GamesBolt!To separate the website from our roots as a trading service, we’re changing our name to better present our vision going forward. Many users expected our site to allow game exchanges, something sGs hadn’t..

2016-11-01 17:34:37
Particula 10,000 Steam keys giveaway

THIS PROMOTION IS NOW OVERToday we are delighted to announce that SteamGameSwap and DailyIndieGame have teamed up to bring you an awesome game giveaway! All of our group members are eligible to claim 1 of 10,000 FREE Steam keys for Particula.You can..

2015-11-28 13:26:17
Crowdflower offers now available!

After popular demand we have added Crowdflower to our list of offer providers.This offer provider is a bit different that the others.They provide mini-jobs (instead of offers) that you can complete to earn GP. They provide high availability even for countries..

2015-05-14 12:35:16
New platforms available!

 After popular demand we have added Origin and XBOX games on our website. The selection is not big yet but we are working on it to get more games soon!Next in line: Uplay (Ubisoft)Let us know if there are any other..

2015-03-10 21:59:09
New rules and policies

 Since the launch of our new site many new users found out about us and tried our service. Unfortunately some of them were ill-purposed and I have been getting increased complaints by our offer providers about fraud.In order to limit fraud..

2015-03-10 20:03:46
New website has launched!

STEAMGAMESWAP HAS BEEN REBORN!Welcome to our newly refurbished website, which is finally up and running! We have updated our logo, design and theme, as well as improved and added new features. We have also been collaborating with Opium Pulses to provide..

2015-02-09 23:25:38