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February 9, 2015

New website has launched!

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Welcome to our newly refurbished website, which is finally up and running! We have updated our logo, design and theme, as well as improved and added new features. We have also been collaborating with Opium Pulses to provide plenty of game giveaways!


News Blog - Announcements of any newly added games, giveaways, deals, or offers will be published on our site regularly. Along with it, a new comment system which allows users to provide feedback and reply to others while displaying your avatar and nickname from your Steam profile.

Chat Support - Replacing our previous contact form, you may now chat with our moderators directly concerning your issues and problems with our website and services. We will respond as fast as we can everyday!

Daily Achievement - A new achievement added to our site! You will receive a bonus of 2 GP to the first offer you complete per day. Show your loyalty and complete offers everyday!

User History - Personal notifications whenever anything relevant happens while you browse our website. It notifies you whenever something important happens! These include completing an offer, winning a giveaway, inviting a friend and many more.


We have greatly improved our giveaway system at our website, by adding more variety to them and making them more convenient to our users. Our giveaways now end whenever a certain number of entries or the given time limit has been reached. Our partner group, Opium Pulses Giveaways will continue to host their giveaways at our site, providing even more games and opportunities. Be sure to give them support by joining their groups! The Steam group will still continue to provide giveaways daily through fun trivia and guessing, to those loyal to the group! But make sure to check our site's giveaways for we offer better games there!


Many more exciting things will happen to Steamgameswap, so get hyped! Enjoy your stay here at Steamgameswap and game on!


Dimios comments:

2015-02-09 23:00:40

Steam avatars will be fixed tomorrow

(2 replies)

Dimios comments:

2015-02-10 14:03:13

Fixed. Log out and login back to refresh your avatar and name

King Khan comments:

2016-06-21 22:51:44

upload GTA V in New website

El Naka comments:

2015-02-10 19:53:08

You have done a great work.

CSN comments:

2015-02-10 22:44:13

Great work m8

NepTrime comments:

2015-02-11 02:03:31

Awesome Work!

Dimios comments:

2015-02-11 09:27:54

Thanks everyone for your kind words!

maxims60 comments:

2015-02-11 17:10:18

I win 10 game in War Thunder, but dont recieve 90 points. Why?

(1 replies)

Dimios comments:

2015-02-11 21:00:12

Use the chat for support. This isn't the correct place to post

add me in my frnd : bevold comments:

2015-02-12 21:27:22

Amm , very good site for giveaways <3 you swap steam games BEST

БОРЩ comments:

2015-02-14 09:22:56


meddem02 comments:

2015-02-15 10:34:15

I really like new SGS :) Keep up the good work!

ShimEnz?!.[UA] comments:

2015-02-16 20:43:56


HA comments:

2015-02-24 14:10:44

wish best for you " steamgameswap "

MaCaoBre !!! comments:

2015-02-26 18:12:42

Can pepole post their games (can other people giveway their steam gifts)

(1 replies)

Dimios comments:

2015-02-27 12:37:53

I am afraid not. This is not a game exchanging platform.

Ph3ll1pZ comments:

2015-02-28 15:42:17


Alex Harchenko comments:

2015-03-01 03:27:44


lex!T comments:

2015-03-01 15:07:03

Awesome (:

Anonymous1467 comments:

2015-03-05 08:15:42

Good but how to see offers

(1 replies)

Dimios comments:

2015-03-09 16:22:05

Click on the "Get Gamepoints" link on the top menu (at the right)

Matiezx comments:

2015-03-06 17:58:11

Pumped :D

☺♥♥MALIOTODBUTEL♥♥☹ comments:

2015-03-09 17:09:49


I have Swag comments:

2015-03-10 14:54:56

Plzzz wanna see more games

(1 replies)

Dimios comments:

2015-03-10 21:01:21

We are expanding our variety of games all the time! Check back every once in a while to see what has been added

JovR comments:

2015-03-21 07:36:48


PeTex comments:

2015-03-29 18:56:53

Great Work

Void Genom comments:

2015-04-16 10:54:44


Zetsu comments:

2015-04-22 15:26:54

Please Gift me some game :)

TarivA comments:

2015-04-25 09:38:53

i can't refresh the page :( why?

(2 replies)

Dimios comments:

2015-05-07 18:31:00

What do you mean?

DarkBBlack comments:

2015-05-12 14:17:18

Change your browser.

dark dragon comments:

2015-05-09 06:46:16

You have done a great work.

(1 replies)

Dimios comments:

2015-06-17 10:15:06


stormrider comments:

2015-05-22 11:37:11

Awesome!!! :D

well bang ok... comments:

2015-06-05 10:04:46

pls add more download offer then the trial offers and add more points to the download offers

BoX Dz comments:

2015-07-17 12:40:43

Awesome Work!

GuNNeR ;x comments:

2015-07-22 11:54:20

Well done!

VirTuaL comments:

2015-09-27 12:07:17

Good Job , i got a one avatar ^^ thanks !

xYz2 comments:

2015-11-08 08:38:49

giveaways should be at 500 people,at least the cheaper ones ..idk

eLastic™ comments:

2015-11-14 14:12:48


ГУДЕБ comments:

2015-11-22 22:08:38


Blak_Snoop comments:

2015-11-28 22:13:00


Franklin Roosevelt comments:

2015-12-19 23:35:08

Bom Trabalho a toda Equipe SteamGameswap

Kamazins comments:

2016-03-03 07:39:01

Nice Work ;) Good Luck

majore32 comments:

2016-03-14 21:24:59

ooo ye

Bulletstrike30 comments:

2016-06-13 07:48:32


King Khan comments:

2016-06-21 22:49:25

WoW Thats Amazing so whats date you publish

King Khan comments:

2016-06-21 22:50:40

Dont Forget to upload GTA V in Giveaways ;)

sidoumidou comments:

2016-07-25 12:35:48

good games

morkvest comments:

2016-09-15 05:42:57

thanks a lot for starting adding humble bundle games

Mercenarul comments:

2017-05-18 11:02:20


Saul00 comments:

2019-02-01 16:52:32

Quiero Mass